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Recreational Activities

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Guests of all ages are sure to find something to enjoy.

Kalachuchi Beach Resort and Siquijor Island provides guests with a variety of recreational sports for land and water lovers.

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At the the pool garden - Kalachuchi Beach Resort
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Taking pleasure in the outdoors is easy with the choice of snorkeling along our shore, playing a lively game of table tennis or billiards. Take a dip at Kalachuchi's owner-designed two-tiered swimming pool overlooking the sea. Our Kiddie/Adult swimming pool is surrounded by lush greens and daybeds on the side for drinking, cocktails, or afternoon teas; truly an enchanting oasis to give our guests a relaxing retreat. Stroll along our long stretch of beach or simply play an outdoor chess game, with lovely locally carved life-size wooden chess figures to surely capture the hearts of chess masters and novice players.

Rent a Scooter and explore the Island of Fire (Siquijor) by yourself. Look out for the smallest 2-storey house in Talingting on the way to Maria. Pass by at the Lazi Church, Siquijor's largest and oldest church and Lazi Convent, which is also a museum for very old religious artifacts and antiques from the 19th century. Continue to Cambugahay Falls, a multi-layered cascading fall with clean blue waters originating from natural springs. Discover the beauty of Siquijor's Hillside. Take a walk through maisfields and search for hidden waterfalls. Enjoy the well-maintained route to San Juan, where you'll discover a variety of side by side restaurants and resorts. San Juan is also the place to be if you're looking to party on the weekends.

Wake up early on a sunday and be surprised by the music blasting out of Larena towns basketball court. Observe what locals buy & sell at the sunday market. Have fun at the beaches surrounding Siquijor, just don't forget to bring along your booties, as the island is also surrounded by sea urchins.

Of course you may also just stay in at Kalachuchi Beach Resort and finally find the time to read your book.

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